Tiny Project - Record Crate

Tiny Project: Record Crate

I’m experimenting with a new sort of project post for the many small projects I do.   I don’t usually bother to document and share these projects because it’s more work to write them up than to do the work itself, but I’m going to try to develop a more _concise style of post that might be more suitable for these projects. _ This record crate is my first attempt. Crates have been a staple among record collections for ages because they were cheap, durable and ubiquitous.  However when I went looking for one I was shocked to see them priced upwards of $35! Instead of buying a $35 crate, I bought a $16 Harbor Freight nail gun (you’ll need a coupon) and a $3 board. This left me with enough to add another record to the collection. To be fair, if you want to replicate this project it might cost you a little more.  I had some scrap 1x2” boards I had salvaged from demolishing a boxspring so add another $5 if you don’t have some scrap you can use. It needs some finishing but all-told it was about an hour or so of work (most of which was digging out and putting away tools).   I considered some refinements like cutting handles, beveling corners, etc. but I wanted to see what the least amount of time was necessary to make something that could work.  With some sanding and a coat of varnish I think it will do the job nicely.