FindDay #9

Every Friday I share the five coolest things I’ve found on the web in the last week.

1 - Homemade Liquid Nitrogen Generator fmi7p8rhvfl6hop-large Who doesn’t like some good-old-fashioned homemade liquid nitrogen?  Perfect for  cooling your superconducting electromagnets on a hot summer day!  

2 - DIY Segway Remember the $8,000.00 Segway scooter?  Build your own and enjoy the pleasures of Segway Polo for a fraction of the cost!  

3 - Machinekit As the About page explains, Machinekit (a fork of [LinuxCNC]() ) is a complete platform for machine control.  I heard about Machinekit from my friend Dennis during a conversation about getting my Craigslist CNC mill online. Machinekit goes further than things like GRBL or Marlin and provide everything from stepper motor control signals all the way up to graphical tools for operating and monitoring CNC machines. I haven’t experimented with it yet, but I’m hoping it will help me get over the hump of replacing the proprietary brains of my mill and I can start putting it to use.  

4 - Netherlands to Australia in a converted EV Watch a converted internal-combustion Volkswagen make an epic journey  

5 - Gizmoplans scoot-car_1 I found this website while searching for information about this awesome electric scooter/car on the cover of the book “101 Things That Go Fast” (frustratingly the “thing” on the cover isn’t included in the book!!!). Gizmo, on the other hand, has the plans. It’s kind of frustrating that you have to pay for them, but I will say that the plans appear to be OCR’d into their PDF form which makes them a bit more accessible than if they were simple scans.  So some effort has gone into publishing these. There’s a lot of plans available, and even though many of them may be found somewhere else online, I was happy to find somewhere I could find plans for the Scoot-Car.