FindDay #5

Every Friday I share the five coolest things I’ve found on the web in the last week.  

1 - P.O.R.T.A.L PORTAL is an open-source firmware for routers which aims to provide a hardware device that protects Internet privacy by sitting between your computer(s) and your ISP connection. It’s sort of a do-it-yourself Anonabox.  

2 - Ring Ring is an open-source secure communications project that provides a more private alternative to things like Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. (via Linux Magazine )  

3 - I2P )  

4 - Tesla Model 3 “cruising around” A few seconds of a Tesla Model 3 on the street. (via Jalopnik )  

5 - Moai 3D Printer header It’ wouldn’t be FindDay without at least one 3D printer link, right? There’s no shortage of Kickstarter 3D printer disasters, and this could be just another one but I’ve heard from several reliable sources that this project is legit. There’s been a few resin-based open-source 3D printers in the last few years but most of them rely on DLP projectors which makes them somewhat expensive and limits their resolution to what’s available from the projector. Where other printers use a projector, Moai uses lasers; what more needs to be said? (via Hackaday )