FindDay # 13

Every Friday I share the five coolest things I’ve found on the web in the last week.

1 - Silk Silk provides an open-source framework for building “internet-of-things” devices with machine intelligence. What’s different about their approach is that they leverage the computational power of the device to power the machine intelligence, as opposed to off-loading this processing to “the cloud” like most other similar platforms. This has a number of advantages (especially where privacy is concerned). They also leverage commodity hardware (basically smartphones) and use mainstream programming tools, both of which significantly lower the cost-of-entry to experimenting with the platform. I’m particularly impressed with the fact that it is open-source, because that has not been the case with many other “IoT” systems and devices.

2 - Easily visualizing MongoDB geospacial data I don’t know who created this, but if you work with geospacial data in MongoDB, it’s very cool. Simply drop theJSON from MongoDB onto this page and you’ll get a selected region, BOOM! via Mike

3 - The Living Automaton A great video showing the inner workings of the Maillardet Automaton (you may recognize this automaton from the movie Hugo). Personally, I’m fascinated by machines like this. As a child it wasn’t hard for me to understand how electronic machines could do math, play games or sequence control steps, but I thought the mechanical equivalents were pure witchcraft. via Adafruit

4 - Wheels of Fail My friend Pete did a good write-up on the pros and cons of the very affordable little wheels you can get from Harbor Freight. The timing of this is great because I’m re-designing Sux0rz drivetrain and some bigger, grippier tires may be in order… via Rasterweb

5 - Solardozer A built-from-scratch solar-powered bulldozer. What’s not to like? via Hackaday