FindDay #1

Every Friday I share the five coolest things I’ve found on the web in the last week.

1 - MP Select Mini RAMPS Upgrade fr8c1xoiz6dksva-medium My Friend Jeff replaced the stock electronics in his MonoPrice Select Mini 3D printer with a Reprap-style RAMPS setup. Not only have his prints improved, he documented the whole process on Instructables too. Sharing FTW!

2 - Biolite CampStove 2 campstove2_1_1024x1024 I’ve owned an original BioLite CampStove for a few years. It’s a great piece of kit and they are a great company, who are helping people throughout the world. I even made a few movies about it. This week Version 2 of the Campstove was released and it looks to be as good as the original, with a number of significant improvements. The biggest one to me is more power, as the original was great at charging electronic devices from the same era, but since then most phones, tablets, etc. have become a lot more power hungry.

3 - Powerline Powerline is a very cool add-on for the vim editor. I won’t try to explain everything it does, but to me two of the coolest things are that it shows the current mode using color, and if you’re looking at a file stored in Git, it shows the current branch (how many times have you saved changes in the wrong branch?). screenshot_20170303_083955 It’s also respectful of vim’s visual minimalism, and doesn’t appear to have performance side-effects (at least on my hardware). If you use vim it’s definitely work checking out, and if you use Debian, there is a nice guide available to set the whole thing up. (via Linux Voice Podcast )

3 - Women of NASA LEGO 2562096-o_1anri7p8hmfm1oa74nc1hh5in57-full LEGO Ideas is a LEGO website where you can submit ideas for new LEGO sets, and some sets with the most votes are turned into official LEGO products. For the second 2016 review period they have selected Women of NASA by 20tauri. There’s been a lot of cool pop culture icons turned into LEGO sets via LEGO Ideas, but it’s exciting to see icons of science making the cut as well. (via Adafruit )

4 - Milling (home made) HDPE mm-helmet-cnc-20-640x480 Pete is sharing his experience with a cheap CNC mill and in the latest installment mills a design from a chunk of HDPE plastic that he recycled himself. This is a very helpful series of posts for anyone who is considering dipping their toes into CNC milling with open-source tools, and using old milk bottles to do so is just icing on the cake. (via Rasterweb )

5 - The Walnut TX A long-range radio transmitter in a walnut. I don’t know a lot about HAM radio, but it’s something I’ve considered dabbling in over the years. The fact that HAM radio people make things like this only serves as encouragement. (via Hackaday )