Oracle 1.1

We’ve added one (count ‘em, one!) new feature to the Oracle. In response to several requests, you can now see the last five questions that were answered.

We’re planning on releasing Oracle 2.0 within a week or so, depending on how the server rebuild goes (oh yeah, we’re rebuilding the webserver this weekend, so they site won’t be here, etc). The next version will be even smarter, have some cool gadget features, and will even be able to answer your questions in realtime! This is going to take some considerable hardware upgrades to happen, so I’ve been thinking of adding a tip jar to the site, what do you think?

As always, with a new post comes a new survey, so be sure to plunk down your two cents on the current poll page and let us know how you really feel.


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2001-02-07 00:00 +0000